RantCPU Trading Cards: Wax Packs Are Ready to Crack!

RantCPU Trading Cards: Wax Packs Are Ready to Crack!

Welcome to the thrilling intersection of digital and physical collectibles with our latest release, the RantCPU Physical Wax Packs. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about these unique collectibles, why they're a must-have, and how to secure your own.

What are RantCPU Physical Wax Packs?

RantCPU Physical Wax Packs are a unique blend of physical cards and digital assets. Each pack contains a set of beautifully designed physical cards depicting the lovable RantCPU in various moods and alter-egos, five physical sticker cards, and an additional QRCode card that allows fans to redeem digital NFTs on the Hedera blockchain.

Our wax packs were created in the USA at one of the only facilities to handle this job. When we made this limited-edition pack run, we paid homage to great ones like Garbage Pail Kids and Mars Attacks. Each card is a die-cut sticker wrapped in vintage-style wax-coated paper for that authentic collectible feel.

But Wait, There's More!

We’ve juiced the set in several collectible ways! 

First – the cards. They’re die-cut sticker cards, hand-assembled in the US. And you know what happens with things like these? Glitches!

RantCPU Glitch Cards

Discover the rare glitch cards where a color plate mishap creates intriguing visual effects. These cards are inserted randomly and are significantly rarer than the base set cards.

When our limited run is complete, we will break the printing plates, and each case buyer will receive a piece as a topper. This guarantees the uniqueness of this edition—once they're gone, they're gone.

Case Printing Plate

Wow, how cool is this? When this limited-edition run is printed and done, we’re BREAKING the printing plates to pieces, and anyone who buys a case will get a piece of the plate as a case topper. This proves that this limited-edition set will not be printed in this format again.

Case buyers will also receive an exclusive copy of the Rant #1 comic book featuring a cover only available through this purchase.

The 101 On the Set

For the first-ever RantCPU Physical set, here is the information

  • 90 Cards 
    • 81 Regular Cards
    • 9 “Glitch” Variants

Each pack contains

  • 5 Cards
  • 1 Redeemable QRCode Card

Each Box Contains

  • 24 RantCPU Packs

Why Collect RantCPU Packs?

First Ever

Introducing the first-ever physical set of RantCPU! This landmark release marks a pivotal moment for collectors and fans alike, as it bridges the gap between our beloved digital assets and tangible collectibles. Owning a piece of this inaugural set enriches your collection and secures a part of RantCPU’s history. These cards are collectibles and artifacts of the evolving digital-physical landscape in NFTs.

Hedera Exclusive

In honor of the vibrant and innovative Hedera community, we are excited to announce that the RantCPU Physical Packs will be exclusively purchasable using HBar. This decision underscores our commitment to the Hedera Blockchain and its groundbreaking technology that has continuously supported and expanded the digital collectibles marketplace.

Limited Edition

The allure of exclusivity is magnified by the limited nature of these packs. Each set is part of a limited run, enhancing its value and desirability among collectors. Once sold out, these packs will not be reissued, making each card a rare commodity in digital and physical collecting. 

How to Obtain RantCPU Physical Packs

Launch Details

We are excited to announce the upcoming pre-sale of our highly anticipated RantCPU Physical Packs! This exclusive event will kick off on May 15 and feature five unique waves of releases, ending on May 22. Mark your calendars to ensure you don’t miss this limited opportunity.

May 15 - Wave 1 

May 16 - Wave 2

May 17 - Wave 3

May 20 - Wave 4

May 21 - Wave 5

Exclusive Waves and Bundled NFTs

Each wave of our pre-sale will unveil distinct and unique bundles, making each purchase special. With every box or pack purchased during these waves, buyers will receive a bundled NFT, adding a layer of value and uniqueness to your collection. These NFTs are designed to complement the physical packs and are only available through this pre-sale event.

Pricing Structure

We offer exclusive pricing options for both Founders Token Holders and Non-Founders Token Holders as follows:

  • Boxes: $156 for Non-Founders Token Holders, $125 for Founders Token Holders
  • Packs: $25 for Non-Founders Token Holders, $20 for Founders Token Holders

Please note these prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping fees will be calculated at checkout and vary based on location. All transactions will be conducted in HBar, with conversion rates based on current market values at purchase.

Shipping Information

All boxes and packs are scheduled to ship in Q4 2024. We are committed to ensuring that your collectibles are produced with the highest quality and care, ensuring they are well worth the wait.

How to Prepare

Ensure you have a compatible HBar wallet: Since all transactions will be processed using HBar, ensure your digital wallet is set up and funded with enough HBar to complete your purchase.

Check your eligibility for Founders Token pricing: If you hold a Founders Token, you are eligible for a discount. Ensure your token is linked to your account to receive the reduced pricing automatically.

We welcome you to this exclusive collecting experience with RantCPU Physical Packs. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to NFTs and digital collectibles, these packs offer something unique for everyone. Get ready to own a piece of the digital frontier and expand your collection with us!

Stay tuned for an upcoming FAQ section to answer all your queries and ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

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