Dive Into the World of RantCPU Trading Cards – An Exciting Collectibles Experience Awaits!

Dive Into the World of RantCPU Trading Cards – An Exciting Collectibles Experience Awaits!

This Fall 2024, prepare for an exhilarating entry into the world of collectibles with the debut of the RantCPU trading card series. As the first initiative by Liithos to extend their dynamic intellectual property, RantCPU, into various forms of media, these cards are just the beginning of a broad and engaging narrative journey.

Unleashing Creativity with RantCPU Cards. Get ready to experience a unique blend of top-tier artistry combined with sharp comedic satire. The RantCPU series sets the stage, featuring a diverse cast of characters and scenarios that will captivate fans of technology, comedy, and pop culture. Each card is not just a collector's item but a piece of art that pokes fun at our digital lives with humor and insight.

Exclusive Features to Enhance Your Collection
True to the spirit of collectible trading cards, RantCPU introduces elements of rarity and exclusivity that collectors adore. Look out for limited edition prints and chase cards like the innovative "System Glitch" in two-tone variations, and the extremely rare "Golden Taco 1-of-1," which are sure to be the gems of any collection.

Anticipate the Next Big Release
Following the exciting launch of the RantCPU series, collectors can look forward to the second wave of cards titled "No One Is Safe." This upcoming series promises to expand the universe with a wider array of characters from across sports, music, politics, and entertainment. The ‘90s enthusiasts will also find nostalgic elements, making it a culturally rich and diverse collection.

Building a Multi-Media Story
Liithos is not merely creating trading cards but crafting a multi-media narrative that will span across comics, digital platforms, and more. Collectors are not just purchasing cards; they are obtaining pieces of a story that grows and evolves, offering new content and context with each release.

Engage with the Community and Collect
With the launch of these two exciting series, join a community of enthusiasts who share your passion. Trading and discussing RantCPU and "No One Is Safe" cards will connect you with fellow collectors, enhancing the joy and excitement of building your collection.

Since humans love scarcity, Rant has added image short prints and rare chase variations like the two-color System Glitch and the Golden Taco 1-of-1!
Discover a new frontier of trading cards. Collect, trade and build your master Debut Release set in Fall 2024!

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