Support the Trace War Kickstarter!

By: Cattie – Jul 19, 2023

Hold on to your capes, because something extraordinary is about to take center stage! Our team at Liithos is bursting with excitement as we announce that we have already sprinted past the 80% mark on Kickstarter for the thrilling Trace War comic series! Cue applause and cheering!

But wait, we can't take all the credit! It's all thanks to YOU, our incredible and dedicated community, that we've come this far in just one year. Each one of you has been a superhero in your own right, helping us build this fantastic universe of Trace War. And now, as we gear up for ComicCon weekend, we need your superpowers once again!

Picture this: the pulsating energy of ComicCon San Diego, fans donning their best cosplay, and amidst it all, our very own Liithos team member, Nate, standing tall in stylish sunglasses or a snazzy Liithos branded t-shirt. Spot him, and you might just stumble upon something mind-blowing!

So, what's the game plan? We're aiming high and charging toward that final funded goal! But we can't do it alone. Your support and encouragement mean the world to us. Help us take this captivating journey to the next level by sharing our Kickstarter and social media posts. Let's show the world what our remarkable community can achieve together!

Every dollar pledged on Kickstarter will be channeled into crafting awe-inspiring comics and bringing the awe-inspiring universe of Trace War to life. Imagine the thrills, the chills, and the jaw-dropping moments that await you in this action-packed adventure!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can't wait to share more of the Trace War universe with each and every one of you. Together, we'll make this journey one for the history books!

Stay tuned for more updates, surprises, and superhero-level excitement. The adventure has just begun!

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