ASHFALL - The TikTok Creator Series Starring Michael Le

As many of our followers know, we've launched a limited TikTok series starring Michael Le and featuring Slider Jesus! This is the first look diving deeper into the Ashfall universe, created by John Garvin. The series will cover an adventure filled with exploration and excitement, and we'll update this post as each new Episode drops!


@justmaiko Ep 1. Everything was normal… until it wasn’t. Time to find out who took my little brother. Join in on the adventure by claiming our free Ashfall Digital Collectible and preview pages of the comic (limited time only, link in bio!) @liithosent #L#Liithos ♬ original sound - Michael Le
@justmaiko Ep 2. Power testing was fun, i found my brother but things didnt look so good..😳 Get more free stuff from Ashfall. Claim your own cover art and preview pages of the comic with link in bio! (small processing fee applies) @liithosent #liithos ♬ original sound - Michael Le
@justmaiko Ep 3. Big brother duties👀🔥 @liithosent #liithos ♬ original sound - Michael Le
@justmaiko Ep 4. Things were good… until they weren’t @liithosent #liithos ♬ original sound - Michael Le
@justmaiko The FINALE. Watch til the end😳 Big thank you to @liithosent #LIITHOS ♬ original sound - Michael Le

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