We are Creators and Builders at Liithos, an Intellectual Property (IP) company with a strong focus on games. Dedicated to crafting fantastic worlds and memorable characters, we strive to resonate with audiences everywhere. By leveraging our expertise in the gaming industry, we commit to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.


Liithos is more than just a company; we are a vibrant community dedicated to championing the development of unique and engaging experiences that captivate players worldwide.


Liithos is currently a fully remote studio that allows each team member to work from a location that works for them. We may offer a hybrid option in the future if and when that makes sense for our team.



At Liithos, our approach to Intellectual Property development is transformative. We begin with the creation of characters and narratives, ensuring that every aspect of our IPs are grounded in strong, engaging storytelling. This strategy contrasts sharply with conventional models, where the IP often plays a minor role, and sometimes only as an afterthought. By prioritizing a solid narrative foundation, we lay the groundwork for a broad spectrum of entertainment products and experiences, allowing them to flourish across various platforms and providing timeless, immersive experiences that are distinctively compelling.


Additionally, we validate our ideas early and gain traction by engaging with audiences through social media. Recognizing that building and nurturing a dedicated audience is paramount in this new world dominated by social platforms, we leverage these interactions to refine and affirm our IPs. This proactive engagement not only ensures our IPs are relevant but also helps them resonate deeply and sustain interest among our audience, setting the stage for long-term success

Meet the Team

Michael Mumbauer
Michael MumbauerCEO
Entrepreneur, Entertainment & Tech Innovator. Previously Senior Executive at PlayStation. Former Head of Sony PlayStation Visual Arts. Established PlayStation Malaysia, Built That’s No Moon.
Eric Koch
Eric KochGame Producer
25 years in the gaming industry, has led teams at Sony and thatgamecompany. Known for pioneering AAA and indie games, he excels in fostering innovation and integrity in game development.
Adam Clegg
Adam CleggStudio Games Director
Championed the Battle Royale genre into the mainstream by creative directing H1Z1. Adam specializes in multiplayer and live service titles.
Abdul Martinez
Abdul MartinezCOO / CTO
Growth Specialist. Tech Intrapreneur. Ex-Amazon with more than 20 yrs of experience in Computer Graphics, Machine Vision, VR/AR, Robotics and Marketing Technologies.
Nick Martinelli
Nick MartinelliSr. Art Director
Over 20 years in video games, animation, and VFX, has extensive global experience as a Senior Art Director. He's worked with major firms like King Barcelona and Wooga, leading art teams across studios worldwide.
Zvee Geffen
Zvee GeffenVP of Intellectual Property
Over 20 years of expertise in brand strategy, marketing, and licensing for giants like MLBPA, ESPN, and Octagon Sports in the sports and entertainment sector.
Daniel Lee
Daniel LeeHead of Web3 Strategy
Esports professional. Tokenomics, and crypto expert with previous experience at Community Gaming Esports Tournaments, League of Legends, and NASA/JPL.
Nate Murray
Nate MurrayVP of Physical Collectibles
Co-founder of Clover Press, former head of Tabletop for Indiegogo, editor of a Pulitzer Prize finalist and two Herblock-winning authors. Designer of the first official Godfather game and producer of over 50 tabletop games.



We’re passionate gamers with deep roots in gaming history and culture. We absolutely love what we do! We're proud of our games, our achievements, and the strong team we've built. Creating top-tier games is no small feat, but our enjoyment and teamwork make every challenge worth tackling. Join us on this exciting journey!


We want to create experiences for a world-wide audience. To do this we are building a universal team that reflects this concept. Empathy, understanding, and acceptance of diversity define a team made up of vastly different backgrounds and lifestyles. We want more than to just make a better game, we want to make a better team, and a better world.

"At Liithos, we want to deliver the next evolution of AAA gaming to the masses in connected ways that have never been experienced before. The gaming industry is amazing in that it has evolved through a series of innovations, never going backwards."

Michael Mumbauer