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John Garvin's Trace War is set in the Pacific Northwest after the war is lost against global warming. The remaining population has been divided along ideological lines into warring fiefdoms. You'll encounter The Trace, pockets of dark energy that scar the environment, mutated creatures affected by this unnatural energy, and warring enclaves vying for power over what remains of humankind!

Follow the story of Ash Naranjo as he fights against the oppressive Freelanders army and uncovers the mysteries of The Trace and his past! Get swept away in the action from battles to an eruptive world, dive into the intrigue of the secrets kept from our unlikely hero, and explore the expansive world that will have you asking ALL the questions! 

John Garvin's Trace War, the game, is a third-person, open-world adventure game where you play as Ash Naranjo, a member of the Ghosts, rangers who work to fight oppression and evil throughout a dangerous and hostile world. As Ash, you will explore caves, ancient ruins from civilizations that predate yours by hundreds of years, Trace zones filled with mutated animals, and rugged forests and deserts where cannibals rule the badlands. You will search for resources and earn credits to buy vehicles, weapons, and high-tech gear. And most importantly, you will try to unite the Enclaves to fight back against the Freelanders, who want to enslave you all.

Concept Art
Columbia Gorge

Columbia Gorge

Hemecta Township,  Greenwater Enclave

Hemecta Township, Greenwater Enclave

Southern Coast

Southern Coast

Southern Rain Forest

Southern Rain Forest

Northern High Desert

Northern High Desert

Frequently asked questions

  • What is John Garvin's Trace War?

    Trace War is a story about ideological warfare: superstition vs. science, ignorance vs. knowledge, freedom vs. oppression. A thousand years in the future the world has been ravaged by climate change, global wars, and the mysterious Trace, pockets of dark energy that destroyed civilization, ignited volcanoes around the globe and changed the world forever. The story focuses on Ash Naranjo, a young man born without arms into a superstitious community that calls him "monster." His parents save his life by letting the Order, an ancient organization that is fighting to preserve science and technology, give Ash high-tech implants, but in so doing, they set Ash on a path of becoming an outcast. After his enclave is invaded, he finds himself thrust into the Trace War, an ongoing struggle against Freeland, which wants to conquer and enslave the entire Puget Sound region.

  • Why is it called "Trace War"?

    "The Trace” are mysterious pockets of dark energy that appeared all over the world, destroying civilization, halting air travel, disrupting global communications, destroying electronic media of all kinds. Now, hundreds of years later, as survivors form small enclaves and rebuild, they fight wars over resources and ideology. These wars were all caused by the Trace.

  • What is the inspiration and pop reference for "Trace War"?

    John Garvin: "I've read science fiction since I was a kid and have always loved stories about mysterious forces that can transform the world. While no one story inspired Trace War, I'm sure there are many that were an important influence."

  • How are the comics, TikTok and game all connected?

    They are all set in the same world, a far future Puget Sound where the world has been devastated by global wars, climate change, and the arrival of the mysterious Trace, pockets of dark energy that wiped out civilization all over the world.

  • Is Trace War connected to Days Gone?

    No. Though John Garvin wrote and directed both Days Gone and Trace War, the games and stories are unrelated. Garvin does, however, consider Trace War to be a spiritual successor to Days Gone, because he was able to take everything he loved about open-world games and expand upon them for an even more ambitious experience.

  • When will the video game be released, and what platforms will it be released on?

    The game is still in the early stages of development. We don't have a date or platforms to announce yet, but sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news!

  • Why did you decide to build a company and game with digital collectibles and Web3 technology?

    Transmedia and the power of connected worlds have been a passion of the founders at Liithos for a long time. Web3 has a lot of potential that hasn’t been tapped into yet. Liithos sees Web3 technology as a railway and the main station is video games. The other rail stations all lead to the main one, and the train delivers precious cargo (Digital Collectibles) to gamers. It’s a way to have deeper and more engaging experiences than ever before. We want to reward gamers for doing stuff they already love doing, and create a path from those areas they love back to the thing they love the most, gaming.

  • Will there be a "Trace War 2" or some sort of continuity?

    John Garvin: "I am currently writing a very large, epic story for the open-world game. The events in the first issues of the comic are part of that experience. There will be many more."

  • Are there plans for future series or spin-offs based on "Trace War"?

    While our main focus is on launching "Trace War" successfully, the expansive world we've created does lend itself to more stories. We're always brainstorming and planning, so stay tuned for any updates on future series or spin-offs.

  • How does John Garvin's experience in the gaming industry influence the comic?

    John Garvin began writing and drawing comics in the 1980s. He has been working in video games, as an artist, writer, and director, for over 30 years. Garvin: "Writing for comics and games is very similar. You need strong characters with bigger-than-life problems, a rich and detailed setting to explore, and dangerous enemies to fight. The big difference is that in comics, I get to write a ton of action; in games, the action is mostly done by the player through gameplay."